Workshop Gear for Photography Workshop

  1. A D-SLR (Digital-Single Lens Reflex) camera body, or a compact digital camera body capable of being used in “manual” mode. A compact digital camera is a camera that has many of the features of a D-SLR, such as manual control of aperture, shutter speed, etc., but which does not allow for interchangeable lenses. It has a single zoom lens which is not removable.
  2. If your camera is a D-SLR type, then bring all of the lenses you own which fit the camera you will be using.
  3. All of the filters that you own which fit the lenses described in #2. Polarizing filters and graduated neutral density filters are highly encouraged.
  4. A sturdy tripod with legs that operate independently, i.e. separately.
  5. A camera bag that will contain the above items (minus the tripod).
  6. Sturdy walking shoes with non-slip or high traction soles. A good hat/cap.
  7. A laptop computer is desired, or at least a computer at home with sufficient memory and/or external hard drives. The computer should have image processing software such as PhotoShop Elements 11 or 12, PhotoShop CS5 or CS6, LightRoom 5 or 6. Programs such as On1, Picassa, or iPhoto are acceptable. Student should have a basic working knowledge of the software used.
  8. Layered clothing for early morning and late afternoon work, including a mid-weight jacket, fleece or other.