1. A D-SLR (Digital-Single Lens Reflex) camera body, or a compact digital camera body capable of being used in “manual” mode. These camera types are preferred, but using an I-phone is also acceptable. 
  2. Extra compact flash cards & batteries (or a charger for your phone).
  3. Operating manual for your camera.
  4. If your camera is a D-SLR, please bring all of the lenses you own which fit the camera you will be using.
  5. Polarizing filters and graduated neutral density filters are highly recommended for all your lenses.
  6. sturdy tripod with legs that operate independently.
  7. A camera bag that will contain the above items (minus the tripod).
  8. Sturdy walking shoes with non-slip or high traction soles. Hiking boots work best for tall grasses or mud.
  9. A hat or cap.
  10. Layered clothing for early morning and late afternoon work, including a mid-weight jacket, fleece or other.
  11. Personal snacks and drinks, a prepared picnic lunch, and a plastic bag or towel to sit on for our picnic lunch.