Barn Tours

Follow directions on a Self-guided tour brochure OR Arrange a guided tour at a time and date that is convenient for you.


Go here if you want to dig deeper into information about these historic barns that have been documented.


Curious about not only the barn architecture but the history of agriculture and tobacco? The articles here will enlighten you.

Smith Farm

The ABA has a role to repair and maintain the barns that are located at the Smith Farm. Find out more and follow our work.

From the time when in 2012 the Appalachian Barn Alliance was just the beginning of an idea put forth by Ross Young ( then the Director of the Madison County Cooperative Extension) until the ABA was well established, we are often asked “What does the Barn Alliance do?” For an overview of the history of the Appalachian style barns and what the ABA is doing to document them, please view the 25-minute presentation via Zoom by the ABA researcher Taylor Barnhill in 2020. You can also listen to his two part radio interviews on the home page. Welcome to the world of barn lovers!