Barn Memories

Just the word itself is enough to start the mind down a path of nostalgia— “Memory Lane,” “Memories are Made of This,” “Oh, Remember when…?” What are the memories a barn evokes? Some are of a simpler time during childhood with games in and around a barn or hayloft. Maybe they might be of dreaded chores. But, whatever they are, they hold a precious place in our hearts of an earlier time. And, many of our barn-lovers have shared some of theirs with us.

Other memories might be more recent as the Appalachian Barn Alliance has created many new ones for the people we meet. They may be of a barn tour that our researcher/historian Taylor Barnhill led. Or, they may be of a reconstruction of their barn that was possible because of some advice provided by the ABA. Or, of the experiences at one of the many events sponsored by the ABA over the years.

Those memories are identified by the person who submitted them with a date and are linked below: